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I once met Roger Waters on an elevator, correction Sir Roger Waters, this was right before he embarked on The Wall tour, it was like 2010 I believe.  I didn’t ask for a picture or autograph since he hears that all the time, I enjoyed the moment of just meeting someone from the legendary band Pink Floyd. Funny part of the story is, I invited him to come see my band play that night at a crap hole club in Santa Monica. I told him I’d put him on the list. I was politely told he would not make it but have a good show. After we exited the elevator I had to laugh at myself, like Sir Roger Waters would have to pay to enter a venue ever . HAHA  guest list.

Rogers Waters Stage

I started out as a drummer, my skills were not the best, plus when ever the group I was in at the time would play out, people would say that I was a better singer than the one we had. I took lessons and never looked back.

Grasshopper Singing For His Dinner

I used to sing to ants to pass my time as a child. I am not sure if they enjoyed it,  but it provided them some entertainment while they worked. I would often wonder if any of the fellow ants would yell, “CHANGE THE CHANNEL”

My mind!

I believe in aliens, ghost and delicious food.

01 Every time I hear a helicopter pass by , instantly I hear “You! Yes, you behind the bike sheds, stand still laddy”

02 Peeling oranges was never that fun to me, but I sure like to eat them.

03 I’m really going to try and post more on here, promise! ~Wreck

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